Our history and philosophy

Global historical events, great minds and our roots

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Explore the global historical events, great minds and our roots, all of which continue to inspire us, and the Canter Holland philosophy, today.

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The Canter Holland story...

We are fervent students of financial market history. We never stop learning about why we make the financial choices we do – now, in the past and into the future.

During the last 30 years we have seen investment bandwagons run off the rails and fads fade into obscurity. Along with decades of research, this experience has formed the basis for how we recommend money be invested.

But as business magnate and investor, Warren Buffett, said:

“If past history was all that is needed to play the game of money, the richest people would be librarians.”

That’s why we combine our experiences with our ongoing learning of behavioural finance to create the solid foundations of our simple philosophy: focus on what works in the long term.