Our philosophy

So, what form should a sound investment strategy take? At Canter Holland we always start with your personal objectives and the timeline we have available to achieve these. Once we’ve established these, the next step is to ensure that your objectives are complemented by an investment strategy that is commensurate with your aspirations; with the three most important and fundamental factors underpinning this strategy being Diversification, Diversification, Diversification.

This essentially means that we invest our client’s money across a broad spectrum of assets and holdings around the world - a ‘tried and tested’ strategy which provides valuable protection against something not going quite to plan. Long-term investment success is neither a sprint, nor a one-horse race; it is more of a marathon, run by many contestants, all of whom bring different competitive strengths to the contest. It is this philosophy that is central to our planning and we are content that whilst we may not always pick the eventual winner, we will always endeavour to make sure that the vast majority of our runners finish the race.

In simple terms, all of the individual component parts of a portfolio have their role to play but, it is...
‘The whole which is greater than the sum of its parts’.