Advising on corporate strategic planning for future financial security

The problem

Our client had a plan in mind to secure his financial future and knew that he needed some guidance in how to get there. He approached Canter Holland to help him build his business; he wanted to create a rewarding enterprise for both his customers and staff, whilst achieving his own financial ambition to ultimately sell the successful business and retire on the proceeds.

With our guidance over the last 10 years, our client built up his business and a healthy portfolio of assets; the sale of which continues to provide him with a comfortable income.

The results

At a glance, our financial strategic planning advice:

  • built the business to ensure it was attractive to a future buyer;
  • allowed the purchase of the business premises though clever use of pension legislation;
  • ensured employees felt valued with a benefits scheme;
  • built a separate asset portfolio for additional financial security,
  • and following the sale of the business and assets provided a very comfortable income for life.

Our solution

Forming a close working relationship with our client, his accountant and solicitor, together we formulated a strategy that would be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

We utilised pension legislation to secure the purchase of the business premises and set about implementing tax efficiencies to help build the business. We also looked at how we could provide value to employees and set up a successful employee benefits package.

To make sure that a secure financial future didn’t just rely on the success of the business, we helped our client to build up a portfolio of assets outside of the company.

Building a business to ensure future financial security

“I’m a business owner and have spent the last ten years fully involved and committed to building my company.” our client explained.

“Over this period I’ve needed the support of an adviser I could trust; someone to act as a soundboard and guide me through the maze of financial decisions I’ve needed to make along the way.”

“From the outset my goal has been to create a business that is a rewarding enterprise for both my customers and employees. I also needed to consider the most tax efficient manner for structuring my remuneration during the building phase, while also taking into consideration my planned exit strategy.”

Looking for a long term relationship, our client began their search for a trusted partner who could:

  • offer guidance and advice on an on-going basis;
  • work closely with other invested parties,
  • and be flexible, adapting to changing circumstances.

Canter Holland were perfectly placed to help.

The results

The close, long-term relationship formed with our client was, and continues to be, a great success. With our on-going strategic financial guidance, our client successfully sold their business a large European competitor.

Employee retention was also strengthened and financial risk successfully reduced.

Not wishing to leave the business completely, our client now has the flexibility to work on a part time basis and can devote time to his other entrepreneurial interests and of course, improving his golf handicap.

The recommendation of our client speaks volumes for the results we achieved:

“Working with Canter Holland has enabled me to achieve my business goals. I no longer need to worry about my financial future and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to other business owners”

The benefits of strategic financial planning:

  • allows the business to stay on track and meet objectives;
  • uses legislation to the benefit of the business;
  • ensures flexibility so adjustments can be made as circumstances change;
  • improves employee retention through benefits packages;
  • improves customer experience,
  • and ensures contingencies can be put in place.

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