Building a comprehensive long-term retirement strategy

The Problem

With an array of different pensions accumulated throughout a busy career, our client came to us looking to make sense of his many different pension policies. His main focus was to evaluate what he had accumulated so far and formulate a clear plan of what he needed to do to achieve his long-term objectives.

Through a carefully executed financial plan, and consolidation of the various policies to be managed by one administrator, we helped our client to simplify his affairs and put together a clear plan for the future.

The result is that he now feels in control of his pensions, understands how they work, the benefits of his arrangements and how they fit into his overall financial planning.

The results

At a glance, our pensions consolidation and planning service:

  • brought all pensions to one administrator;
  • simplified our client’s affairs, so he knows exactly where he stands;
  • gave our client clarity on what contributions are required towards his long-term planning in the future in order to achieve his objectives;
  • established his attitude to risk in order to find a balance of investments that he was comfortable with;
  • created investments that are actively managed;
  • provided full transparency of his investments and the costs involved;
  • offered flexibility to make sure the solution can change to suit our client’s needs;
  • included a six-monthly review to ensure the plan remained on track;
  • provided online access so our client can view his account at any time,
  • and realised the benefits of available tax relief, whilst saving further tax on contributions.

Our Solution

We combined all of our client’s pension via one administrator – critically, this simplified things for our client but also enabled us to diversify the investment of his pensions across many different assets and investment companies, all-in-all making his pensions work harder for him. We formulated a clear cash-flow model illustrating to our client what he needed to contribute between now and retirement so that he can achieve his objectives.

Importantly our pensions consolidation fitted into our client’s overall financial planning – we helped our client understand how his pensions work, giving him confidence in our solutions, and helped him realise the benefits of our approach and suggested arrangements.

In detail

“I’d collected a number of pensions throughout my career to date. Each one was a good idea at the time, but I had policies all over the place and I had no idea what my pensions were worth or if I’d even have enough for my retirement and, if I didn’t have enough, what I needed to do to put it right”

“I needed to know where I stood. I wanted a solution that would simplify my affairs and put me back in control,” our client explained.

To get him on track as quickly as possible, we explained our financial planning process and how we could help him take back control.

At Canter Holland we pride ourselves in completing the financial planning process efficiently and quickly. As a result, our next step was to analyse our client’s current position and outlined the benefits and drawbacks of various solutions.

We provided potential outcomes and the incomes he could have available in future.

The results

“All of my pensions are now held with one administrator. My investments are diversified across many different assets (equities, fixed income, cash and property) and investment companies – I’m invested in some actively managed funds, as well as low cost tracker funds.”

“I know where I stand, what I’ve accumulated so far and I’m actively contributing to my pension and saving more tax in the process,” our client explained.

“I now understand how my pensions work, the benefits of my new arrangements and how they fit into my overall plan for retirement. I have a single point of contact and receive just one set of statements rather than receiving a deluge of paperwork from various companies”

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