Mortgage advice and protection planning for current needs and future goals

The problem

Our clients were getting married and both selling their first-time buyer properties, with the plan to buy one property together. They required advice on which type of mortgage was best for their circumstances, along with a review of the existing insurances they had both taken out.

We delivered what we considered to be the less obvious solution – but, importantly, the one that delivered the best product overall.

Our work provided a thorough investigation into what our clients had, what our clients needed, and what our clients wanted for the future.

In detail

“We needed advice on so many different aspects of mortgage buying and protection planning that we became slightly overwhelmed,” the client informed us.

“Having both had first-time buyer properties, we needed someone to really explain what protection we currently had, as well as what type of mortgage would work best for us now.”

“The long-term plan is to buy a bigger house in the next five years or so, so there was a lot to work through – it made absolute sense to go to Canter Holland for their expertise.”

Our client wanted to factor in planning for a family and being secure enough to afford this, as well as a bigger house in the future, without overstretching their budgets.

We met with the clients to discuss their situation, extracting important information to help advise in the best way possible. We needed to understand:

  • What their current debts were and what insurances they both held;
  • What their current income was,
  • What their projected income might be.

Our solution

Mortgage solution

Once we had the relevant information and we were satisfied that we could help, we began by recommending a five-year fixed rate mortgage.

We used our market research to look at the whole market and recommended the most competitive deal.

Interestingly, this was not the lowest interest rate available, but the rate we recommended had significantly less upfront cost – making it a lowest cost product overall.

Protection planning

We analysed the clients’ existing insurances and established these were not as competitive as they could be.

We agreed what the clients’ protection objectives and budget were and provided a solution that met both.

As an independent broker we have access to the whole market and can therefore arrange the most appropriate cover. In this case the insurance was placed with two different companies.

The results

For the mortgage application we dealt with the whole application process:

  • submitted all required paperwork to the lender;
  • liaised with the lender, solicitor and estate agent, and
  • the client received a mortgage offer within 3 weeks.

Although, the sale of their existing properties was slightly delayed, they finally completed on the purchase after 7 weeks.

We also arranged the insurances, again liaising with the insurance companies, dealing with medical underwriting and ensuring that there was cover in place by the time the house purchase was completed.

Another one of the benefits of working with Canter Holland is that we will review the mortgage automatically three months before the five-year term runs out.

We want to work with our clients to give them the best possible start to their home-owning journey. Our ability to work closely with clients and to sift through dense details and complex issues is part of what makes our service the right one for you.

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