Peace-of-mind with comprehensive insurance claim handling

The problem

Our client required help making a claim on their insurance policies after being diagnosed with breast cancer. We stepped in, took charge and handled the insurance claim from start to finish, allowing the client to concentrate on their health needs.

Getting the solutions right

Our client recalls the meeting with Canter Holland five years prior to the insurance claim.

“I distinctly remember our Canter Holland adviser telling us, when we arranged the cover, that he hoped that my premiums were going to be a waste of money as that would mean we did not have to claim,” our client recalled.

“Unfortunately, the premiums were the best money I could have spent as the insurance pay out of £300,000 allowed me to get the best treatment possible and afforded me the time to recover properly without any financial pressure.”

Our role isn’t to pretend that life is just a bed of roses, our role is to genuinely make sure that each client has the best insurance policy, which delivers the best outcome.

Our solution

When we first met with our client, our role as advisor meant we clearly explained that the insurance policy is one we hope is never used – but that it is one that offers the best stress-free comfort and protection to any client, should the worst happen.

We understand that claims handling can be a lengthy, hard to manage part of any person’s insurance process.

The situations that arise for use of insurance claims are difficult enough, without extra pressures.

As an existing client once they contacted us with their diagnosis, we could swiftly do the following:

  • Initiate the claim with the two insurance companies with whom the cover was taken with;
  • Ensure the insurance companies received the relevant medical information from the GP and the consultant; minimising the time our client would need to spend on paperwork,
  • Activate payment into the client’s bank account within 3 weeks, by making sure the insurance companies acted quickly.

The results

Although we cannot offer the guarantee of never needing the use of your insurance, we do always hope that if it is needed you have experienced a professional, secure handling service – taking the weight off your shoulders.

Additionally, we had this wonderful news from our client, “I have now been cancer free for over three years and feel great.”

“Canter Holland not only arranged the cover in the first place but also made sure that when it came to it, they helped me with the claims so that I could just concentrate on getting better.”

The benefits of using a service to handle your insurance claims is one of peace-of-mind, knowing that while you are concentrating on your personal life, we are taking care of everything from behind the scenes.

By outsourcing claims handling, the client was able to:

  • Focus on what truly matters
  • Benefit from a reliable, swift service
  • Speed up the claims handling process to receive care ASAP.

We aim to use our experience within legal matters to advocate on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

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