Supporting the end-to-end introduction of group medical insurance

The problem

Our client quickly recognised there was a huge task ahead of them when it came to introducing a medical insurance scheme for their 120 employees. Approaching Canter Holland to take the load off their shoulders, our client wanted end-to-end support; from choosing the right scheme, to its ongoing management.

We delivered exactly that and today our client enjoys a highly successful group medical insurance scheme; their employees feel valued and appreciate the rapid medical attention they can receive.

All in all, absenteeism has fallen and employee satisfaction has risen.

The results

At a glance, our work implementing our client’s group medical insurance:

  • reduced absenteeism;
  • minimised the time our client had to invest in introducing the scheme;
  • was effectively communicated to all employees,
  • and continues to be valued by employees today.

Under-resourced and looking to introduce new employee benefits

“I had just started as the HR Manager and was assigned the task of introducing a medical insurance scheme for all of our 120 employees,” our client explained.

“In my previous role, where we had in excess of 1000 employees, the medical insurance was dealt with by the Pension and Benefits Manager. We couldn’t afford the luxury of such a position in my new firm, so the task fell to me and I didn’t know where to start.”

With that in mind, our client began their search for a trusted partner who could:

  1. evaluate what they were looking for
  2. explain the different options
  3. and implement the chosen solution

Canter Holland fitted the bill perfectly.

Our solution

We met with our client to establish their budget and timeframe and then identified the benefits that would be of most value to their employees.

We researched the entire market for the best solutions available and produced a detailed report outlining the company’s objectives, including a full comparison of the schemes available and a conclusion recommending the solution that we felt best suited their needs.

Our recommendation was focused on the needs of the employees, who we discovered were looking for a scheme that offered them benefits for everyday issues such as physiotherapy for sports injuries.

With our client’s approval we set about the implementation of the scheme, liaising closely with their payroll department. We created a comprehensive policy pack for every individual, so they could understand how the scheme would affect them personally.

As part of our service we will review the scheme every year, to make sure that it remains competitive and compare it to the rest of the market and insure the scheme continues to satisfy our client’s requirements.

The results

The implementation of a new medical scheme has been a huge success for our client. Their employees have seen real benefit, because they understand how the scheme works for them personally. They are able to use the scheme to obtain fast treatment for a medical complaint rather than having to wait for the NHS. This has led to a reduction in absenteeism.

By outsourcing the delivery of the scheme our client has freed internal labour resources and is reassured that it will be managed efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of outsourcing:

  • Improved efficiencies – the scheme is run by experts;
  • Future-proofing – the latest information will always be available and legally compliant;
  • Internal labour resources are freed up;
  • Allows your business to focus on core areas,
  • Peace of mind with the knowledge that the scheme will be automatically reviewed every year.

“The results have been excellent. Our employees really see the value of this benefit. They not only understand the scheme, but how it personally helps them. We’ve also seen a reduction in absenteeism. Staff are treated quickly for any medical complaint, rather than having to wait for treatment by the NHS.”

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